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tv   [untitled]    September 8, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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way. i married the owner's daughter. [laughter] i am a native san franciscan and i enjoy hearing the comments about the sergeant yawned, who is a personal friend of my family's and it is the biggest injustice -- he would never hurt anyone had to be murdered the way he was terrible. it's nice that someone recognized him. i participated with the community the whole time i have been there. i was the president of the merchants association for fishermans wharf for seven years. i am on the board of governors still and the board of governors and share the fisherman's wharf waterfront advisory group. i am closer and touch with the police department than most people. the previous capt.s -- previous
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captains have made great changes and making sure travelers and visitors who come to san francisco are protected. probably some of the finest officers accepted in the street by visitors would be an officer on bicycle. these guys do great pr work in addition to having the flexibility of going through traffic. the captains have always kept open forums with the community and meet regularly. we are very fortunate and i think some of the other places the city gets shorted but we have never been treated better since the time i have been at fisherman's wharf. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i am from work for the
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elderly. thank you for bringing the police commission meeting to this community so are residents have a chance to talk to you directly. our seniors are very concerned about their safety, so we want to make sure the commission is allocating adequate resources to central station to keep our communities safe. we are especially worried about the recent scams that have targeted chinese seniors and cheated them out of their entire life savings. one of our victims was one of our clients and she lost almost $1,000 and has been so sad since that happened. and we have to thank captain tom and the officers for being our her liaison with the san francisco police department. besides the resources senior centers and resources senior housing, we serve are around 400
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in the chinatown area. we operate the chinatown one- stop career plans. is there a way to help the community to eliminate gambling? the gamblers and homeless have taken over and the seniors do not gamble and are afraid to go there now days. we try to hold exercise class is the gambling keeps many seniors away from a program. please help us. >> i work closely -- we work with 3000 seniors and our event -- we would like to take this
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opportunity to thank the police commission and the chief and the commissioner. we are watching out for our senior safety and making them uncomfortable to report when they get hurt. thank you. >> good evening commissioners. my name is amy chan, i may legislative aide with supervisor david chiu's office. n i also want to say thank you for working so hard to make sure our residents are safe. the supervisor could not be here today but i wanted to recognize how important you are to his
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office and recognize how the captain and his team have been doing a great job staying on top of the cases and working closely with their community to make sure we are coordinating with our residents. i know there are a number of communities in attendance. we hope to express how much we value the community collaboration captain tom and his team continue to have what their district and a hope to continue to see that in the future. i will be available during the rest of that meeting if anyone wants to express concerns to our office and thank everybody. >> i have been a resident for 15 years in north beach. i live above broadway, so i have a nice front door picture view of broadway.
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broadway has been a little bit out of hand lately. last night, i wasn't walking around the neighborhood and it was great and peaceful. people had their windows open and their neighbors were walking around the street. it is a very different story on that thursday, friday and saturday evening. the neighborhood is completely in lock down. the whole group of the people live in the southern telegraph hill area and north beach are all experiencing a chaos and mayhem and the wild west. that's partially due to the club then use that bring in the wrong elements, the party buses that, operating through. i counted over 20 party bosses and i have plenty of video on exactly what happens. they drop them off in the middle of the neighborhood and they just go out and start fights and
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continue into the wee hours of evening. it is a constant this respect for the residents in that community that live there. we are very excited about captain tom and working closely with him and it the chief, to really get our hands around this mess on broadway and what is happening. i have been in the neighborhood taking my dog out for a late- night party and noticed guys trying to break into a car. they were armed. i called in, have a fast dial to the police department and they were armed. they were erected down the street and they came back later to take my statement. that was a couple of weeks ago. there are always crimes and activities that stem from the broadway area that bleed happen to our neighborhood.
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give us back our neighborhood. we want to be able to come out and enjoy your speech and the businesses and venues on broadway -- broadway is not an experience for san franciscans anymore. we can't enjoy yet, we cannot live a quality life. i appreciate your time and look forward to the support in getting our arms around the major issues on broadway and putting an end to the party bosses and allowing them to have a free-for-all on broadway. we look forward to working with the captain to improve the quality of life for everybody. >> my name is mickey jones. i am the co-chair of the police advisory board and president of that northeast neighbors. we have told you what the problems on broadway and we concur.
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we are interested in what many people call the homeless problem in washington square. i don't like to refer it to it as the homeless problem because some of the biggest troublemakers have housing. this is about behavior on the streets and of vagrancy. one of the biggest miscreants and our neighborhoods does things like -- i will give you one example. he will step into an empty parking place and will leave. then when a car pulls up, they're not allowed to park their unless they pay him. if they refuse to pay him, he does something nasty to their car, usually urinates on it. we have a lot of public intoxication. it is pretty consistent. the same people all the time. the labor's tend to want to not use the park.
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i realize this is not really a police department problem they are doing the best job they can. in many cases, the issue citations. from what we have learned, and we have a number of statistics, the district attorney's office does not prosecute them. they don't prosecute any of them. the have a bunch of police officers who would be very demoralized because they spend a lot of time trying to address complaints from neighbors and the issue citations and nothing happens. it is a waste of paper and a waste of energy. what we would like for you to do is please talk to the district attorney's office and find out do they prosecute these cases -- these cases. we have requested public records and we hope to get those this week where they will give us the disposition of the citations issued. we're also talking about these
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civil sidewalks and there have lately been thousands of citations issued. i have up to 2011 and we are hoping you can make some progress in that direction. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello. i am stefanie greenberg and i also serve on the police advisory board. i'm also a member of north beach neighbors and we have formed a whole new neighborhood association focusing on the geographical area of southern telegraph hill and southern north beach. he will probably be hearing from us because we have a lot to do. we form this group for many reasons, but primarily to address crime and nuisance from the broadway corridor. it is completely out of hand.
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i've lived in the neighborhood for almost 20 years now and i can't tell you how many times i have been told that's just broadway and that's the way it is. that is not the case. it is horrible right now. it's a war zone and it's not fair to those of us who live there. it is not safe. we are afraid. we on property and we don't know what to do. i know the police are trying to do the best they can and thank you. i know the chief has allocated more resources to the corridor and that is helping. we have a lot of work to do they're getting the guns off the street and dealing with problem clubs and those who stay in the neighborhood after closing areas and work their ways into the residential areas and urinate on residential doors and people are found with guns right outside on the garden steps. it's very scary. one thing i would like to
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address tonight, and i know this was brought up is the problem with party buses. this is just one aspect of the many problems that plague at broadway, but it seems like a problem that can be addressed. i have been doing some digging around and we have officers with specialized training in dealing with the party bosses. i know it is not many, but what i am hoping is that we will be meeting with the captain to discuss this. i am hoping to have your support in allocating those resources so we can get it under control. dozens and dozens of party bosses are coming in with hundreds of severely inebriated patrons on to our streets. either they don't drink because they're already drunk and going to the residential areas or they continue to drink in the clubs and their part of the problem when the clubs close and they are out fighting in the streets.
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it's that out of control situation. we can address this several ways. the buses are parking illegally. muni is starting to crack down and they have now started a parking in front of businesses. a couple of weekends ago, i took a video of no less than 10 party buses, some as large as a muni bus, some smaller, pull up in front of koi restaurant, which is very expensive, and dumping loads of drunk patrons on to the sidewalk. i inquired with the restaurant and asked them if they gave permission and they said absolutely not, but they don't know what to do. i have also learned that russian hill has been able to ban party bosses all together and they also have an entertainment corridor. that is something i would like to look at but until we have the
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political will or are able to cooperate with our neighbors to get them banned completely, we don't need them. i would hope you would support helping capt., and the community with the resources we need to bring the problem under control. thank you. [applause] >> i am mike madrid. i am a member of the police advisory board. i just want at something quickly to what was just brought up about broadway. we hear a lot about the problems on broadway. i lived in that neighborhood about 25 years and it has always been the way it is now. i've met with the entertainment division several times and was told to my face you people are not anything special. everyone in the city has to deal with this sort of thing,
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basically it sucked it up because it's the situation. i have been to plenty of meetings where we hear about freedom of speech and i have been the labeled as a more on fun people. i'm a property owner. i was born here. i just want to live in my home and feel safe. we hear a lot of things about broadway any might say just stay away from broadway on the weekends. this past spring, i was awoken by about 22 rounds of gunfire right around the corner from me. i thought was fireworks because i had never heard anything like that on my street. when i got up the next morning, i saw my corner was take off and it turned out there had been a gun battle around the corner from me at about 2:00 in the morning between 2 patrons of some of the venues on broadway. we hear a lot about the problems
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on broadway, but what people need to understand is is bleeding up into the neighborhood. i saw some of my neighbor's apartment buildings with bullet holes in them. people were in their homes and a window was shot out. this is not something just happening -- they are coming to broadway. this is something that is going to affect all of us who happen to live within the vicinity of broadway. i just can't want you to take this seriously. this is an issue we have been talking about for a long time and it is all swept under the rug as being the way broadway is. i just wanted to bring that up. thank you for your time. [applause] >> next speaker. >> does anybody want to come
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forward with an interpreter? you can come forward with an interpreter if you would like to tell us something. thank you very much. this part of the presentation is closed. this is time for the commissioners to talk to the chief and captains up about some of these issues and ask questions. it is obviously a great distress, but there are issues. washington square with the man in a parking spot, i have seen them. we are there often with my family and we have the issues with broadway. broadway has come up many, many times to this commission and i know this chief and other
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captains to try to do something -- i don't know what the solution is but i know this chief will find a solution. with these party buses, they are regulated by the state. can we get any assistance from the highway patrol? that's one possibility. we have officers trained in our department, but that would be one way to deter unsafe buses. i don't know about the regulations with intoxicated patrons. i see that the assemblymen from the south bay is introducing legislation after death on the freeway. do we have the manpower to keep up with broadway in that evening? those are the questions i have. capt.? >> i am not sure about the regulation of party bosses.
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our role with the police department -- i would like to look into that and if we could regulate some of these party bosses. i know there were 12 arrests on broadway last week. most of the people are not from san francisco. we did have a checkpoint on broadway this past saturday. there were a couple of arrest for drunk driving. >> how is your manpower stretched on thursday, friday and saturday evening? is it a difficult situation? >> it is difficult because we don't have enough people. the chief would send traffic solos at what help because they are up on broadway constantly stopping people and its big help. the commander in chief has let
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me borrow and when they're there, things are a lot more quieter. there is still violence there. there is like 30 or 40 cops on broadway and they're still fights coming out. it is a constant bad behavior. >> chief, any ideas? [applause] >> is that on camera? >> those chairs are tough. we will be with the group. i would like to see mr. butler's traffic engineering proposal and we will come up with some stuff. i know trish was talking about coming up with a more localized holding area and to work with the sheriff to see if we can activate something like the way we do for large demonstrations where we anticipate large
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numbers of arrests. we might be able to do that on a temporary base this on thursday, friday, and saturday night. we will figure something out. we do push extra people toward broadway. we have the events in the southeast sector the last couple of months and we are spreading it then. we will figure it out. -- we are spreading it sen. >> it appears -- >> >> i just want to say that the supervisors have passed a number of pieces of legislation passing regulation of tour buses. we would be happy to work with the advisory committee and make sure how we can extend that some of those and help think about
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what we can do when a local legislative level to make sure we are keeping these buses in line and all of the spillover effects are not bleeding into that neighborhood. that is something in our house -- we would want to work with you on to sticking of local legislative solutions. >> one other question i have is to be responsive to the question of citation issues? it is unfortunately not a new issue. it's a challenge. do have a district attorney assigned to the station? >> we do. melissa rodriguez. >> i have worked with her and she is assigned to the station and at the former chief to make sure -- my recommendation is to schedule a meeting of you guys could have. >> we have had a meeting about
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this issue. we have been siding and i have enforcement plans along washington square park and fisherman's wharf. we have been citing the bad behavior and a people from the advisory board would e-mail me pictures of vagrants with their pants down and passed out on a washington square park and the minute i get them, show them to my cops and they say this guy was arrested yesterday and we arrested him again today, but just in and out, and and out, but it's not solving any thing when we are enforcing the law and they come right back out. >> you may want to try restraining orders for some of these individuals in washington square.
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what truly more than once, i have seen start respond an officer godfrey respond. maybe it's time for that d.a.'s office to work on a stay away order. sal's like they have places to go and are not necessarily homeless. i could probably identify five or six of them. >> they can bundle cases. if they are offenders you see routinely, one and fraction alone is one and fraction, but if you have 10, if you have 88 assigned to that issue, that seems like a big concern. >> i would wonder how many times you have to bundle them before something happens? >> my recommendation as a partnership. i was a citizen and worked at that d.a.'s office and was
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concerned about car break ins. on one side, they say there should be more arrests and the other side says there should be more prosecutions. when we sit and the room and say we don't the same offender is getting out, that is probably where there is a solution. there are other folks that i know that d.a. said being responsible to community concerns is a priority. there are some system things we have to work on but it starts with people like you insisting on it. i would recommend a process that is collaborative in nature. >> thank you for your report. what is your sense in terms of the quality of life on broadway? what is your sense as to how much of the problem can be
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attributable to the party bosses and how much is attributable to other issues? >> the party bosses play a big part. the clientele, the venue, the club's and what kind of customers they cater to -- we don't have many problems with the strip clubs, but it is the other clubs or the violence is coming out. >> land we are talking about party buses, is directly, there have always been a lot of tour buses that come through the area that run towards by commercial entities. here with party buses, i don't have a good feel for exactly what you are talking about. are there party causes it -- is it a more generic term that
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applies to tors that might be night >> oh, ok, so there are companies that are running like businesses -- >> with stripper poles in the middle. it is a stripper pole in some of the buses, and they're allowed to drink on the bus. >> so is this a new thing? >> no, these are basically like a rolling bar. so somebody basically said there's drinking on the bus, the driver doesn't drink but everybody else on the bus drinks. they're for hire recently there was a story in the south bay where a young gal was actually thrown from a party bus and went over an overpass and passed away. so, there's people contemplating
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legislation. as it was stated earlier they get off the bus drunk and it goes from there. it's a work in progress. >> so in terms of the numbers over the years, you're saying they've always been there? >> right, but not to the current degree. >> not to the current degree. so is there like a 30%, 50% 200. do we have a sense of how big an increase we're getting? >> i think every year it gets bigger. it's over 100%. because before i never heard of them. but now the last few years i know it's been in the mid poling area, broadway, you see them all around the city now on the weekends. >> ok, well thank you. another question on a different topic. you reported 30% increase in auto thefts. can you give us an idea


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